Choose Life, Not Tobacco         |         Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills your slowly, one puff after another….         |         Smoking helps you to relax… in Death-bed         |         Smoking is injurious not only to you, but for the ones around you also… Quit before it’s late         |         Smoking Leaves an Unseen Scar, it fill your Insides with Toxins and Tar         |         Only a fool would put his lips, at the other end of a burning fie.         |         Irony is, Tobacco companies kill their Best Customers.         |         You’re a Fool, if you think smoking is cool.         |         Tar the Roads, not your lungs.         |         Be brighter, put down the lighter.         |         Put the smoke out, before it put you Out.         |         Who’s going to retire on your hard-earned dollars… You or some tobacco company executive?         |         A Friend in Deed won’t make you smoke that weed.         |         Smokers die young, be smart, don’t start.         |         Every time you light up A cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth Living….        |         Don’t let being on a ventilator ultimate become, the reason you eventually quit smoking. Save lungs while you can.         |         If you can’t stop smoking…. Cancer will.         |         Cigarettes are like Squirrels. They are perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire.

God had given me good face,health and wealth. which I destroyed
myself on consuming tobacco. Please quit tobacco
in any form if you love your family.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Prasad, 49 years old

participated actively in VoTV sessions

Mrs. Sumitra Pednekar, wife of Maharashtra's former home
and labour minister Satish Pednekar, who died of oral cancer,
says”. My husband's illness happened because of his addiction
to mawa, a mix of chewing tobacco and pan masala. My daughters
and I are still struggling to come to terms with the scars left by his
extended illness and tragic demise.

Sumitra Pednekar,

Widow of a Tobacco Victim

I started chewing tobacco when I was 16. I curse the day
I was introduced to tobacco. Cancer diagnosed at 20 made my life
hell... I have not been able to eat anything since then.

Late Naveed Shaikh, A young victim of 27 years old

participated actively in VoTV sessions

Tobacco in any form invites cancer and death. Three of my
family members who were tobacco users expired due to
cancer. They used to consume tobacco in different forms
and now a tobacco user myself is suffering from throat

Shiv Kumar Jaiswal, 60 years of age

A throat cancer patient

Stay away from all types of tobacco.
Nobody should suffer what I have suffered.

Late Sunita Tomar, 27 years of age,

Face of Anti tobacco campaign by Ministry of Health

Let not what has happened to us, happen to any more people

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Welcome to Voice of Tobacco Victims

The name “cancer” makes everyone fearful. This word is considered synonymous with death. No one would ever know the pain associated with this disease more than us who had undergone this unfortunate experience. We live under threat of re-occurrence of the disease and the fear of death always haunts us. This disease has not only changed our lives but also severely disturbed our dear ones. Most of us are suffering from mouth cancer which is a direct result of Gutka/Pan Masala chewing. Though we have survived the disease, we are severely disabled in terms of breathing, speech, swallowing, chewing, appearance, taste sensation etc. Some of us lost our livelihood because of these disabilities that have pushed us into poverty.

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“Voice of Tobacco Victims” is a campaign to make Tobacco Victims as the public face of the tobacco control movement in India. It is unfortunate that a cancer causing substance, that kills millions every year, is sold so freely and advertized so brazenly. It is disturbing to witness ever increasing number of young cancer patients visiting cancer clinic every day. Most of them, owing to advanced stage, die within 5 years of diagnosis. Those who survive, live with severe depression, dejection, disfigurement and disability. Should we remain a silent witness of a crime and wait for someone else to find a solution? We intend to make tobacco victims as the public face of the war on tobacco. We help tobacco victims get justice and help them raise a war cry against the very industry that sold them cancer.

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